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Mentor Visual iQ System Course - Day 2 (Indication & Surface Analysis) - Oct. 30, 2019, Skaneateles, NY

Wed, Oct 30 (08:00 AM »
05:00 PM) Eastern Time


Day Two – Indication & Surface Analysis

I. Stereo Measurement
a. Theory
i. Stereo Measurement
ii. 3D Stereo Measurement
b. Hand-On Practical
II. 3D Phase Measurement
a. Theory
b. Hands-On Practical
III. Inspection Manager
a. Remeasurement
i. Stereo / 3D Stereo
ii. 3D Phase Measurement

Events Underway:

X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) - Advanced Scan Operator / Intermediate Data Analyst - October 28 - Nov. 1,2019 Cincinnati, Ohio

Mon, Oct 28 (08:00 AM) »
Fri, Nov 01 (05:00 PM) Eastern Time

Upon completion of this 40 hour course with hands-on practical application, participants will meet Level III Scan Operator requirements as outlined by the Metals Affordability Initiative (MAI) guidance for affordable CT usage, and will be prepared to: 

  • Apply safety regulations for operation of ionizing radiation equipment.
  • Demonstrate the proper set-up and reconstruction of a CT scan.
  • Select CT scan parameters to optimize image quality for specific applications.
  • Perform corrective actions for image quality issues and artifacts, including Feldkamp artifacts, insufficient images, and beam hardening.
  • Perform calibrations for metrology measurements.
  • Perform system quality checks to comply with industrial standards.
  • Understand analysis software and advanced analysis possibilities for CT measurements.
  • Identify CT applications for castings, turbine blades, automotive parts, composites, additive manufacturing, electronics, advanced materials, biological and geophysical specimens, and paleontology. 

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