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Mentor Visual iQ System Course - Day 3 ( Enhanced Hands-on Training) Feb 21, 2019 Skaneateles, NY

Thu, Feb 21 (08:00 AM »
05:00 PM) Eastern Time

This course is intended to provide a measurement refresher focusing on best practices with Stereo, 3D Stereo and 3D Phase to include enhanced hands-on sessions. Students will practice obtaining precise and accurate measurements of various indication types using the Mentor Visual iQ. Students can also bring legacy GEIT VideoProbes with any measurement types installed.

Events Underway:

ASTM CR & DR Process Control - 3 Days - February 19-21,2019 Cincinnati,Ohio

Tue, Feb 19 (08:00 AM) »
Thu, Feb 21 (05:00 PM) Eastern Time

This 3 day theory & lab course is designed to give the student an understanding of the CR & DDA process control requirements. The course will briefly  review applicable CR & DDA ASTMs, and provides practical exercises on the measurement of CR & DDA Phantom data. The course is designed around  ASTM E 2445 for CR & E2737 for DDAs. There is a discussion of EPS plate use for CR. GE Rhythm software & software tools will be used. Monitor – SMPTE pattern is also reviewed. There is a graded final exam at the end of the course.

CR ASTMs Reviewed:

  1. ASTM E 2033
  2. ASTM E 2007
  3. ASTM E 2446
  4. ASTM E 2445


DDA ASTMs Reviewed:

  1. ASTM E 2698
  2. ASTM E 2736
  3. ASTM E 2597
  4. ASTM E 1695
  5. ASTM E2737