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Events Underway:

Advanced Digital X-Ray Testing, Level III Dec. 10-14 Pasadena

Mon, Dec 10 (08:00 AM) »
Fri, Dec 14 (05:00 PM) Eastern Time

This 5-day (40-hour) NAS410-style course is designed to provide each student with the technical information required to properly evaluate, qualify, and implement various digital X-ray technologies in a production NDT environment.  Daily tests and a final examination will be administered to ensure each student’s comprehension of the course material.

Course Highlights:

Digital Detector Array Flat Panel Digital Radiography (DDA/DR)

  • General DDA/DR technology overview
  • Detector comparisons and selection criteria
  • Detector calibration and long-term stability testing
  • Technique and procedure development considerations

Computed Radiography (CR)

  • General CR technology overview
  • CR scanner comparisons and operation criteria
  • Imaging plate comparisons and selection criteria
  • Technique and procedure development considerations
  • Qualification of CR systems using applicable industry standards

General Digital X-ray Imaging Topics

  • Measuring image fidelity
  • Visual perception and monitor selection/testing
  • Image processing (post processing) advancements and proper usage guidelines
  • Full review of all relevant digital X-ray industry standards
  • Introduction to Computed Tomography (CT)

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Ultrasonic Testing Level I Dec. 10-14 Cincinnati

Mon, Dec 10 (08:00 AM) »
Fri, Dec 14 (05:00 PM) Eastern Time

GE’s Ultrasonic Testing Level I course is designed to teach both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the Level I technician.  Upon completion, the student will be able to set up equipment, calibrate, and perform tests according to recognized procedures under the supervision of Level II or Level III technicians. GE's Inspection Academy provides significant lab time learning with the instruments, more than in comparable courses taught elsewhere. Topics include:

  • Ultrasonic theory
  • Instrument operation
  • Inspection parameters
  • Thickness testing
  • Straight beam flaw detection and sizing
  • Calibration techniques for straight beam, dual element, delay-line, and angle beam transducers
This 40-hour course meets the criteria of ASNT SNT-TC-1A, 2011 issue.


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