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Mentor Visual iQ System Course - Day 1 (System Care, Set-Up & Operation) - October 1,2019 Pasadena TX

Tue, Oct 01 (08:00 AM »
05:00 PM) Eastern Time

Day One – System Care, Set-Up & Operation

I. Safety, Kit Contents, Correct Packing & Unpacking of the MViQ
a. Optics 101
b. System Safety Notes
c. System Unpacking and Inventory
d. MViQ Kit Contents
e. Correct system storage
II. System Care
a. Insertion Tube Care
b. Optical Camera and Tip Care & Cleaning
c. Battery Care
III. System Set Up
a. User Interface
b. System Settings
c. Profiles
IV. Common Use Features
a. Probe Steering & Positioning
b. Working with Images
c. Working with Videos
d. File Management
i. On System
ii. On Network
V. Menu Directed Inspection
a. Building an MDI
b. Running an MDI
c. Generating a Post-Inspection Report
VI. InspectionWorks Connect
a. Setting up the MViQ
b. Setting up the PC or iPad
c. Establishing a session
d. MViQ Streaming Video

Events Underway:

Eddy Current Level I & II Practical Supplement 4 day Sept. 30 - Oct. 3, 2019 Pasadena TX

Mon, Sep 30 (08:00 AM) »
Thu, Oct 03 (05:00 AM) Eastern Time

Students who successfully complete the ET Levels I & II eLearning course (see our eLearning section), and this 4- day practical supplement, will receive a certificate of training that states that they have successfully completed the training for ET Level I and ET Level II as set forth in SNT-TC-1A and NAS410.

GE Mentor EM Eddy Current instruments will be used in the class.

Practical exercises include but are not limited to:

  • Review functions of instrument and different probes types
  • Impedance Plane Conductivity Curves
  • Digital Conductivity measurement: Set up a conductivity calibration
  • Coating Thickness non-conductive on Conductive base
  • Metal Plating thickness on conductive base
  • Crack detection with different types of gates– Non-Ferrous
  • Crack detection with different types of gates- Ferrous
  • Tube Inspection