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Eddy Current Testing (ET): ET Level I & II – Practical Training – A supplement for eLearning 4 day NEW!
Course Description

Students who successfully complete the ET Levels I & II eLearning course (see our eLearning section), and this 4- day practical supplement, will receive a certificate of training that states that they have successfully completed the training for ET Level I and ET Level II as set forth in SNT-TC-1A and NAS410.

GE Mentor EM Eddy Current instruments will be used in the class.

Practical exercises include but are not limited to:

  • Review functions of instrument and different probes types
  • Impedance Plane Conductivity Curves
  • Digital Conductivity measurement: Set up a conductivity calibration
  • Coating Thickness non-conductive on Conductive base
  • Metal Plating thickness on conductive base
  • Crack detection with different types of gates– Non-Ferrous
  • Crack detection with different types of gates- Ferrous
  • Tube Inspection

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Location:  Sharonville, OH

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