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Magnetic Particle Testing (MT): Magnetic Particle Level I/II
Course Description

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This three day course (24 hr) combines Level 1 and Level 2 courses and explores theory involved with Magnetic Particle inspection, equipment, particles and mediums, application and procedure development. This course is designed to meet or exceed requirements stated in SNT-TC-1A (2011).

Outline of material covered:

Magnetic Particle Level
Block I            Introduction and History
Block II           Personnel Certification and Qualification
Block III          Basic Principles and Theory of Magnets and Magnetic Fields
Block IV         Particle Types
Block V          MT Equipment and Techniques
Block VI          MT Variables
Block VII         Discontinuities
Block IX          Demagnetization
Block X           Safety Considerations

Magnetic Particle Level II
Block I         Introduction and History
Block II        Review of Magnetic Particle Level I Key Subjects
Block III       Personnel Certification and Qualification
Block IV      Magnetic Fields and Magnetization Processes
Block V       MT Equipment
Block VI       Establishing Magnetic Fields
Block VII      Measuring the Presence and Strength of Magnetic
                     Fields E
xternal Field Measurement
Block VIII    Magnetic Particle Test Techniques
Block IX       Magnetic Particle Test Particles
Block X         Discontinuities
Block XII       Demagnetization
Block XIII      Procedure and Reporting
Block XV       Safety Considerations
Block XIV      Materials, Processes, and Discontinuities
 and Evaluation of Indications

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